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Name: Michael Mathis
College: University of Maryland: English Major
Place of Birth: Silver Spring, MD
Current position: Human Resources Coordinator
Hobbies: Kayaking rock climbing, scuba diving
Worst job: Waiter
Pet: Black Lab, Raven
Countries visited: South Korea, all of Western Europe & Central America

Name: Page Bradham
Hobbies: Music & Movies, Friends & Family
Favorite Movie: It’s A Wonderful Life
Place of Birth: Chapel Hill, NC
Current Position: Senior Recruiter / Nurse Recruiter
Company: UMMS (University of Maryland Medical System)
Pet Name: Brownie (Rhodesian Ridgeback, rescue) 
Worst Job: never disliked a job, only a manager (or 2)
Countries Visited: Scotland, England, and a good chunk of the USA (but hope to see more)