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Below are the duties that each officer will be required to perform during their time in office and we hope that many of you will want to volunteer your time for one of the positions. Take a look and if you aren’t interested, take a moment to fill out the form below and nominate a fellow recruiter that you think would do a great job for AAHCR.


  • Serve as Executive Officer of the Association
  • Preside over all meetings of the AAHCR
  • Appoint the chairpersons of all standing and special committees
  • Serve as a representative of the AAHCR at meetings of other organizations concerned with health care recruiting or appoint a representative 
  • Conduct all general correspondence of the Association
  • Preserve all papers, letters and transactions of the Association
  • Perform other executive functions as may be required
  • Appoint a meeting minutes-taker

Vice President/President Elect:

  • Assume the duties of President in his/her absence
  • Assume appropriate responsibilities as delegated by President 

Director of Finance:

  • Ensure all bills are paid
  • Keep up an accounting log of all expenses
  • File taxes for the association as needed
  • Work with tax or finance professionals as needed for accounting purposes
  • Give updates to the board and the members as needed on state of finances
  • Assume responsibility for the checking accounts for AAHCR
  • Keep the updated list of all members and ensure that membership is up-to-date

Director of Market Development and Events:

  • Organize all AAHCR events for the association
  • Work with vendors to ensure sponsorship of events
  • Coordinate the guest speakers for all events to ensure that the needed topics are covered
  • Recruit new members and work on membership as needed
  • Submit any new vendors or vendor relationships to the board
Please fill in the name of a colleague that you think would make a great AAHCR Board Member.  Thanks.
Vice-president/ President Elect
Director of Finance
Director of Market Development & Events