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Why is search engine marketing important to healthcare recruiters?

Search engines continue to send the lion’s share of visitors to hospital career websites according to Fusion’s Advanced Analytics.  And, most RNs surveyed by Fusion Marketing Group said that they would use search engines to start their job search journey.

Google: Search in the Age of Assistance

From the start, it’s been Google’s mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful…

As a certified Google Partner Fusion Marketing Group has a direct line to new developments in search marketing and understands how to create and manage successful campaigns. The first step is to tune in to Google’s approach. 

Today we move quickly between connected devices, and throughout our day turn to search to make our lives easier and more productive. 

Hey Google, Will I need an umbrella today?

Hey Google, where is the nearest coffee shop?

Hey Google, what are the best places to work for RNs?

While keywords and phrases continue to be important to search marketers in understanding the intent of the search, Google increasingly focuses on the context of the search to help guide the user quickly to the best answers. For healthcare recruiters, search marketing can be a clinician’s first introduction to your organization and the beginning of a good, or bad candidate experience. It’s all about helping the job seeker find what they are looking for – linking them quickly to information or a job description. Fortunately, Google has expanded the options for search marketers enabling them to provide a better experience and in turn, improve results.

Anatomy of a Paid Search Ad

Once you have defined the purpose of your campaign and identified the keywords and phrases that a prospective candidate might be using to accomplish their search goal (learn more in next month’s blog post), you will be ready to build your ad. You will want to incorporate your keywords into every component of the ad so that Google will be able to tell what this ad is for and deliver your ad on the appropriate search engine results page (SERP).

The expanded text ad for Google is divided into two main parts: the ad itself and the ad extensions. Ad extensions are relatively new from Google and offer many opportunities to provide the job seeker with more information, thus increasing the click through rate and conversions for your campaign.

The Ad is made up of a two-part headline, the URL for your landing page or website and 80 characters & spaces of text.


Ad Extensions Improve Results

Once you’ve built the basic ad, consider Google’s Ad Extensions – there are many ways you can improve your presence in the search results, provide a better user experience for the candidate and improve your results too. Consider these extensions and mix and match to fit your campaign goals.


Callout extensions are a line of additional text highlighting information that would not necessarily be included in the ad copy, such as benefits, shifts or locations.  Consider the same ad, with an additional line of copy at no extra cost! These extensions are not clickable links, but they do provide additional space to give the job seeker more information about what you can offer to them.

Callout Extensions

Structured snippets are similar to the callouts in that they provide an additional line of copy. The snippets need to fall within one of Google’s predefined headers. For recruitment marketing, the header “Types” is the only one that makes sense. This will allow the advertiser to list multiple jobs ad illustrated in this text ad

Structured Snippets

Reviews enable the advertiser to include a quote or paraphrase a review of their workplace from a site like or This is another opportunity to increase the size of your ad, promote your workplace and improve results – at no additional cost.  This ad includes a review from

Review Extensions

Sitelinks are ad extensions that allow you to include more links to different pages across your website or jobs within your ATS.  These are links and you will pay for clicks on these links. According to Google, sitelinks can boost the click through rate (CTR) on an ad by 10-20% and even higher for branded searches. At Fusion, we’ve seen the text link ad CTR of 2% increase to over 6% in some cases. Consider the impact of sitelinks on these ads.

Sitelink Extensions


Message & Call Extensions

The final two extension type to consider enable job seekers to reach you quickly and directly from a mobile device.

Message extensions include a link to a number that can receive text messages and call extensions link to a voice phone number.  Both should be considered when feasible. If taking phone calls isn’t something your department can handle, then consider a link to chat with a recruiter online or to text to a recruiting bot that will provide information, prescreen and schedule candidates for follow up. 



The investment in Google Ad Extensions turns a basic ad – one that may not get noticed – into a highly targeted, responsive solution. Turn to Fusion Marketing to create highly effective Google paid search advertising to bring in the talented professionals your organization is struggling to obtain.

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