Optimizing The Digital Candidate Experience

The following is a recap of your workshop assessment for the Candidate Experience criteria that was reviewed.

Click on each image to reveal your facilty's results.

Corporate Homepage

Your corporate site contains a small link to the career site homepage. Ideally the size of the link could be increased. Additionally, the link is small and the drop down menu includes a link to "Nurses" which links to a page that does not allow the visitor to search for a job. We recommend that this item be removed from the drop down.

Number of Clicks to Application Start

There were more than 9 steps or clicks from the corporate homepage to the start of the application. Take action to lower the number of clicks to 5 to improve the candidate experience. The number of clicks, for nurses in particular, could be reduced by eliminating the “Nurses” option from the drop down menu on the corporate homepage.

Mobile Candidate Experience

The corporate site is not responsive, however, you are able to navigate to search jobs on the career website from a mobile device. The ATS is not mobile friendly.

Use of Landing Pages

While you are not currently using landing pages for marketing campaigns such as search marketing, email and direct mail, there are pages in development now. Landing pages can improve both the candidate experience and your recruitment marketing results. 

Position Titles and Job Descriptions

The jobs within your ATS did not include the full name of the position or the abbreviation.  This is an area for improvement.