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Healthcare systems spend millions of dollars each year in an effort to recruit high quality candidates for hard to fill job openings, and the advertising expense is a significant portion of the recruitment budget. New research indicates upwards of 90% of visitors to your career website leave without completing the application, and nearly half who begin an application fail to complete it. The result is more dollars being poured into this leaky process in an effort to drive more candidates into the funnel.

Fusion’s Advanced Analytics and ongoing proprietary market research have guided the development of solutions for career site drop off and ATS abandonment. Rather than increasing the recruitment marketing budget to drive more traffic to the website, we implement conversion programs to turn the visitors to your site into applicants. Through these programs, we see a continual improvement in application completion rates.

We know that our conversion solutions are working because track the entire path of the candidate from first click through to the hire and determine the most effective and efficient marketing channels.

View Fusion’s infographic to learn more about the candidate experience and the path to a new job.

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