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Upcoming Events

Events are held the first Wednesday of each month and are (generally) held the first Wednesday of the month. All of our meetings are held at the Maryland Hospital Association in Elkridge, Maryland and the meeting begins at 1:00 pm. Meetings are a combination of updates from MAHCR, NACHR, leadership reports, committee reports, open discussion and questions, followed by a 45-minute presentation from a leading industry expert.

Mark your calendars for upcoming monthly meetings:

Due to COVID-19, meetings are set up via Webex unless otherwise noted.  Please email Page Bradham at to receive the link to the meetings if you haven’t received them and would like to attend.

March 2

1 - 2 PM

Speaker: Scott Span

Topic: Prep for Change


April 6

1 - 2 PM

Speaker: Tameaka Shelton

Topic: Diversity & Inclusion

MHA or WebEx

May 4

1 - 2 PM

Speaker: Rachel Druckenmiller

Topic: Change

MHA or WebEx

We welcome any suggestions for speakers and topics as well as sponsorship for the monthly meeting refreshments. Any questions or feedback feel free to reach Page Bradham at