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Section 1:

The Name of the Association shall be the Maryland Association for Health Care Recruitment (MAHCR). The Association is chartered as a corporation in the State of Maryland as of January 4, 1996.

Section 2:

The purpose of the Association shall be to:

Promote and exchange sound and ethical principles of health care recruitment;

Promote the interest of, and cooperation among its members;

Collect and distribute information regarding conditions in the field that will assist members in the conduct of their business;

Educating and promoting health care careers, and

Perform within the by-laws of the Association.



Section 1:

There shall be 2 classes of Members in the Association:  Active facility members and institutional members.  The membership year shall be based on a calendar year, January through December

Section 2:

Active Facililty Membership
Applicants for membership or renewal must be actively involved in heatlhcare recruitment, retention and/or Human Resource processes and employed by organizations providing direct health care such as hospitals, long term care facilities, home care agencies, HMOs, the military and outpatient healthcare entitities.  The membership is held by the healthcare entitity  (each individual site/location)  Temporary, personnel placement or supplemental staffing agencies are eligible for institutional membership in the Association (see section 3).

a.  Application and approval - Applications for membership shall be made through the Membership Chairperson to the Executve Board.  Applications shall be reviewed by the Executive Board and approved according to these by-laws.

b.  Voting privileges - each entity shall be entitled to one vote in the matters of the Association.

c.  Suspension and Expulsion - The Executive Board may suspend or expel any member for just cause after giving the member the opportunity for a hearing before the Executive Board. If appropriate, any member suspended or expelled may be reinstated by an affirmative vote of a majority of the Executive Board present and voting.  For purposes of this section, the terms for just cause shall include, but not be limited to any of the following:

Any willful violation of these By-laws.

Any conduct on the part of said member that is prejudicial to the interests of MAHCR.

Section 3:

Institutional Membership 


Institutional membership is open to organizations that are interested in supporting the goals of the Association and furthering the development and growth of MAHCR.  Institutional members are ineligible to vote as a member or to hold any office in the Association.  Companies or divisions of companies whose sole business is placing traveling health care professionals, provide search services and supplemental staff are eligible for institutional membership.  Institutional membership is subject to approval by the Board. 

The membership dues will be determined by the Board and memberships may be renewed annually. Institutional members will be allowed to attend monthly meetings as a non voting member, participate in Association committees (non-chair positions), receive discounted booth fees at MAHCR conferences, present an update on new services at MAHCR meetings at least once annually, co-sponsor recruitment related or community service projects, have access to MAHCR roster of members, recognition on MAHCR website, access to the message board and be a resource expert on recruitment practices, educational topics and speakers.

Section 4:




Section 1:

Annual Dues
Annual dues of each member entity shall be paid to MAHCR and submitted to the treasurer by December 31 of each year. Any change in dues shall be recommended by the Executive Board and must be approved at a meeting of the Association.

Section 2:

Delinquent Dues
If any member entity is in arrears of payment for thirty (30) days, a thirty (30) day notice will be sent to the member entity by the Treasurer of the Association. Upon the failure of said member entity to pay such arrears at or before the expiration of thirty (30) days from the date of such notice, the member shall be terminated from the Association.



Section 1:

The Executive Board of the Association shall consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Member Services Chairperson, Regional Conference Chairperson, the Scholarship Committee Chairperson and the Website Liaison. The Immediate Past-President shall serve as a voting member of the Executive Board.

Section 2:

Duties of the Board
The Executive Board shall assist the President in developing policies, reviewing the activities and achievements of the organization, and making recommendations for consideration of the general membership. The Board shall meet at the discretion of the President.

Section 3:

Terms of Office
All duties of officers shall transfer to the newly elected officers at the June meeting. Officers remain in office until their successor has assumed office. Only two (2) consecutive one (1) year terms are allowed for the same office, except for the Secretary and the Treasurer.

Section 4:

Duties of Officers
President – shall serve as the executive officer of the Association, and shall preside at all meetings. The President shall appoint the Chairpersons of the Career Day, Member Services Committee, Regional Conference Committees and Chairpersons of any task force. The President shall prepare and present an annual report to the membership and NAHCR by the end of June each year. The President will also designate someone to prepare a slate of officer candidates by March 30th each year.

Vice-President – shall assume the responsibilities of the President in his/her absence; shall facilitate presentations that enhance the knowledge of the members; shall serve as parliamentarian; shall perform all other duties as delegated by the President and shall assist the President in the preparation of the annual report.

Secretary – shall record proceedings of the meetings of the Association and Executive Board meetings; shall prepare, and post the minutes of all Association meetings on the membership website, shall prepare all general correspondence and perform all other duties as requested by the President.

Treasurer – shall be responsible for all financial affairs of the Association; shall regularly deposit such funds, maintain bank accounts in the name of the Association and shall sign all checks and withdrawals for expenses approved by the Association; shall keep a record of receipts and disbursements; shall submit a monthly financial report at the membership meeting; shall submit an annual financial report and budget proposal to the Executive Board, and shall arrange for an annual audit of the financial records of the Association.

Section 5:

Eligibility for Elected Office
All candidates for elected office shall be a current representative of a member entity of MAHCR. Candidates for the office of President shall be a member of MAHCR for two (2) years. Candidates for all other offices shall be members of MAHCR for one (1) year. Upon assuming office, the President shall become a member of the National Association for Health Care Recruitment (NAHCR).

Section 6:

Resignations and Vacancies
Officers shall automatically forfeit their office if they are no longer eligible to be a representative in the Association. Any officer may resign his/her office at any time and may do so without loss of membership in the Association. A vacancy in any office for any reason shall be filled as follows:

If a vacancy occurs in the office of President, the Vice-President shall complete the term of the office of President.

If a vacancy occurs in the office of Vice-President, Secretary or Treasurer, the Executive Board shall elect by majority vote the successor to complete the term of office.

If a vacancy occurs in any other Board position, the President shall appoint an individual to complete the term of office.

Section 7:

Election of Officers
Elections of Officers shall be held during the April meeting of the association. Each member entity shall be entitled to one vote in the election of officers. Voting shall be by secret ballot or by proxy vote. The results shall be determined by a majority vote. The Officers shall be elected for their respective terms as stated in these By-laws.



Section 1:

Member Services Committee
The Membership committee shall solicit new members; review applications for membership in the Association as approved by the Executive Board; recommend the admission of new members to the Executive Board, solicit and recruit Institutional Members, ensure that all new members receive a new member welcome packet which includes access to the MAHCR website and perform other duties as requested by the President.

Section 2:

Regional Conference Committee
The Regional Conference Committee shall organize, plan, and evaluate a regional educational event. The conference agenda and coursework should provide an opportunity to develop knowledge of health care recruiting practices. Emphasis should be placed on strategies that can be applied to any number of health care settings.

Section 3:

Scholarship Committee
The Scholarship Committee shall organize, plan and evaluate the annual scholarships awarded to one allied health student and one nursing student. If there are not enough qualified applicants for either area, with the Board's approval, the committee may award two scholarships to the same discipline.  This committee will ensure that the applications form is updated each year, disseminate the information to the association, evaluate the submissions and select the most appropriate candidates. The amount awarded will be assessed each year depending upon the Association’s budget.

Section 4:

Website Liaison
The Website Liaison will coordinate all activities related to the website. This will include maintaining the website with the assistance of the website contractor, updating and making recommendations for the updating of the website and other duties as requested by the president

                        ARTICLE VI:


Section 1:

Rules of Parliamentary Procedure
Roberts Rules of Order shall be the authority on all questions of parliamentary usage and procedure at the meetings of the Association. The Vice-President shall function as the Parliamentarian.

Section 2:

Fiscal Year
The fiscal year of the Association shall be September 1 to August 31.

Section 3:

A budget shall be prepared and submitted by the Treasurer to the Executive Board prior to September for approval. The proposed budget shall be presented to the membership at the September meeting for approval.

Section 4:

Any proposed non-budgeted expenditure of the Association that exceeds $500.00 must be approved by an official vote of the Board.

Section 5:

All proposed amendments to these by-laws shall be submitted in writing to the Executive Board for review and then presented to the membership for a majority vote.

Section 6:

A simple majority of the member entities present shall constitute an official vote.

Section 7:

NAHCR Dues and Conference Costs
MAHCR may finance the cost of NAHCR dues for the President and the Executive Board.

MAHCR may finance the Board Members as well as the Committee Chairs to attend the annual NAHCR Conference or another Human Resources or Recruitment Conference during the year. (All other conferences must be approved by the Board in advance of attendance.) The amount awarded may not exceed $1500 to be applied to either the cost of registration and/or travel related costs. The amount awarded will be reviewed each year and may change based on Association budget. The conference must be attended and all receipts turned in to the Treasurer by the end of the calendar year.

ARTICLE VII:          




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