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The Maryland Association for Health Care Recruitment - more commonly known by its acronym, MAHCR - is comprised of recruiters representing hospitals, healthcare systems, long-term care providers and other health care employers within the State of Maryland. In addition, our membership includes organizations who provide resources and directions on trends in recruitment.

Joining forces to collaboratively promote the health care profession throughout Maryland, the members of MAHCR simultaneously further their own efforts to recruit nurses - of which there is a known shortage nationwide - and other health care professionals. Each recruiter that participates in MAHCR benefits from the ability to network with their colleagues, get involved with various activities & events and gain information regarding trends & conditions in the healthcare field.

If you have any questions about MAHCR, please feel free to contact us by submitting the short form below.

MAHCR holds monthly meetings, at which a wide variety of topics are brought to the forefront, and participates in sponsoring Scholarships and contributes time, money and expertise to charitable organizations & events.