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Fusion Marketing Group conducts market research with healthcare professionals. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we are seeking Registered Nurses who have taken a travel assignment in the past 18 months to participate in a market research study on attitudes towards job change, employers, and the profession in general.

Would you be willing to participate in a 20-minute Zoom or phone interview with an independent market research professional?  We will offer you a $40 Visa Gift Card to compensate you. Fill out our two-minute survey to qualify. 


Your comments will be blended with those of others and you will remain anonymous.  Your participation will help us to craft advertising and communications designed to connect professionals like you with job opportunities.  We are not an employment agency, search firm, or travel staff agency. 


Click here to qualify. 

Fusion Marketing Group is an advertising agency specializing in the marketing of healthcare facility careers to healthcare workers.
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